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ZaKpOctTj (4/20/2013)
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shosmozaFtri (4/12/2013)
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FRkbAOnbRyrZUnQ (4/12/2013)
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Vanderson - iOlpIfES
YKqpitoiMpAkF (4/12/2013)
Hi,I have a 2002 Fiesta Zetec 1.4 TDCI. Recently it has lost a lot of power. It is pulls away slowly even tohugh my foot is flat on the floor. It is also struggles to maintain 70mph in 5th gear if there is even a slight incline I have to it into 4th.I've taken it to my local garage who couldn't diagnose any problems, although they said they didn't have the right equipment for diesels. They replaced the fuel filter but this hasn't made any difference.Any ideas?Cheers,Andy

Saiful - aHhMPlxcwVDAwAB
OVUbcpzIS (4/9/2013)
I have just purchased the Mechron 2200 and have not rellay put it to the test in the mud and rough stuff (it's so clean and shiny, I hate to get it dirty) but it seems very evident that it has the power, gear combinations and ground clearance to go anywhere you can keep the tires on the ground. The cargo bed is the largest in area than any I have looked at. I have a John Deere 6 4 Gator which I have used for 14 years and you sit much lower in it than the Mechron. All the weight in the Mechron is low but sitting so high (OVER the engine) gives a sensation of top-heaviness. The roll bars limit where you can go if you are in the woods due to overhead clearance. The diesel engine is noisy. Overall though, so far I am happy with it.

Timur - ehyFFISdMAAkXinATY
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