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DuwyBkbEq (4/12/2013)
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nlHGduOaN (4/11/2013)
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FrkoLqfc (4/9/2013)
My first PWO that I use, basically took it auornd 6:30pm, did my workout right away Got home, did some work on my car, it's now 11:20pm and I'm STILL wired!! I'm kinda freakin out!!! In usually knocked by this time! Idk If´╗┐ I want to keep using this stuff. Will try for a few more days and see how it goes. Wondering what kind of side effects this stuff has BTW, took a protein shake about 2 hours later. Did I over do it? I Gatta go now, gonna go hit the weights to burn all this energy!!! Bea

Fruzsina - hOrLCQGQ
jDRjRTMx (1/12/2013)
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IKBoRKcFH (1/12/2013)
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uPtQekYgamK (1/10/2013)
do have different sytsems (from the same brand)In this video, she had the original, which I guess is for mild acne. I just started using this last night. That also have separate packages of the same stuff but it has much more of the peroxide which makes it the severe acne treatment system. I have the original cause my acne is not too bad. I hope this helps (:

Raja - PLhoUNjEkVpBAJi
TmiSNkfQgtnHKtntk (12/19/2011)
I'm so glad I found my solution oilnne.

Millicent - waKZqjJujcbxch
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