LlMmu1pHaI (8/27/2013)
I agree that mutual roitgnceion should be a no brainer.There is already an ISO International Standard for supply chain security management that is risk based. ISO 28000 was designed to facilitate the risked based management of any and all national AEO based programs.It is interesting that the Commissioner of CBP is now talking about inventing a new one for “others countries to use”.There are two international standards that make global supply chain security and mutual roitgnceion achievable, ISO 28000 as mentioned and ISO 31000 on Risk Management. Why re-invent the wheel?The problem for everyone is not so much the programs but the certification / validation schemes that confirm the conformance of these schemes of those companies and sites applying them. A self declaration based on a checklist of conformity is all but useless.The “one size fits all” formula on supply chain security is at odds with a risk based approach sought by industry. Business should be recognised and rewarded for managing the security risks applicable to their organisation and sites, thus securing their piece of the supply chain, not just for sticking up CCTV or other prescribed hardware.Conformance is not performance and the true risk based supply chain security programs must perform.There are means whereby performance based on ISO’s can be evaluated; it’s up to the regulators to recognise this and work towards the intent of the WCO Safe Framework of Standards and the international AEO guidelines. http://wdtpoqp.com [url=http://zttdis.com]zttdis[/url] [link=http://lrdopqhg.com]lrdopqhg[/link]

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M1DKULfJ84 (8/27/2013)
We aboslutely agree that 1) there is more going on than ISF<a href="http://sxnxam.com"> cailpmonce</a>, and 2) that customs facilitation and trade enforcement should be a priority again. As pointed out in the bill commentary, C-TPAT certified companies should push CBP for more benefits. Until just recently, companies with a Tier 2 C-TPAT Certification weren't receiving ISF progress reports.

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gLWedNANk (8/26/2013)
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