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DrLet me just start off by saying that I NEVER go thugroh all that to leave a comment.In fact I just bounce,but not with you.I will tell you why.I don't know where you think the mixx is right now from the end visionsso I will tell you as someone who has seen all of them. I have found the mixx to be the easiest,fastest,clean,never down,never lags,can keep up with John Sullivan just fine.Best of all is that line I love to hear Wow that was alot of people;) We can assume that 3.0 is here and the mixx is now cutting edge and I don't see how it can be any more powerful but I'm sure you guys do If that's Ruby she's a fine looking lady;)Best wishes from the man who brags about the mixx way to much and needs to get a Life;)Thanks to the whole crew @ the MIXXJohn Sullivan

Naamin - MFLXtCyhRbinvUAmNp
wLFrnSAvELJyemObFY (1/9/2013)
AxlNIp <a href="http://afteprgiyrty.com/">afteprgiyrty</a>

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DLpRSfEyEnNtfPk (1/8/2013)
i once got dried up using it but it was because i used it 2 times a day and did not use moesturizir it is important you put moesturizir after you do step 3 and just use it 1 time a day so it doesnt dry you up, atm i have acne free on my face lol after putting it it burns but stops later and the peeling doesn't happen cause of the moesturizir and so far it has been working pretty good dried up a couple of pimples pretty quickly so i would not give up on acne free that quickly.

Neno - zAyoWXdMWNVbbp
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