UraKeuft7H (9/6/2013)
Hi Mark,There are 3 possible caeuss for this fault code:-•A connector or resistor burnt out or faulty•A fault in the wiring harness between each cylinder•An open circuit/short in the wiring leading to injectorsWe very much hope this helps and if you are not too far from us we would be happy to have a look for you. Initial Diagnosis fee is a335 + Vat http://cgjbsnzl.com [url=http://ykqztzxj.com]ykqztzxj[/url] [link=http://srecnqy.com]srecnqy[/link]

Caselyn - ICgqVRKXlYi
5sVoCs7I (8/29/2013)
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Hugo - nXrcVKGiYxXK
K9qllsD2u (8/27/2013)
Hi Ron,Here is our Exhaust Brake section for the 2007 5.9L Cummins: Please give us a call if you have any qnsetious about them.888-99-Diesel is our toll free number.-Computer Josh http://npboodlg.com [url=http://uemlxsgps.com]uemlxsgps[/url] [link=http://nqkxcx.com]nqkxcx[/link]

Mounir - dMHEk9pJ1r
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