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Just in 1999 Honda Prelude roll over damage, good engine V TEC comes with a 180 day guarantee.

Honda Used Engines
Honda Used Engines delivered to your door

Used Honda Engine, Used Motor from Honda shipped anywhere in the world!
All Honda Engines Guaranteed 180 Days

Honda Accord Used Engine
Honda Civic Used Engine
Honda CR-V Used Engine
Honda NSX  Used Engine
Honda Odyssey Used Engine
Honda Passport Used Engine
Honda Prelude Used Engine
Honda S2000
Used Engine

 Product Name   Year  Price 

Honda Accord Used Engine

 Honda Accord 2.2   1996-1997   $655.00 
 Honda Accord 2.2 vtec   1994-1995   $755.00 
 Honda Accord 2.2 vtec   1996-1997   $755.00 
 Honda Accord 2.3   1998-2002   $695.00 
 Honda Accord 2.7 V6   1996-1997   $1,055.00 
 Honda Accord 3   1998-2003   $855.00 
 Honda Accord 1.8   1984-1985   $455.00 
 Honda Accord 2.0 carb   1986-1989   $455.00 
 Honda Accord 2.0 fi   1986-1989   $455.00 
 Honda Accord 2.2   1990-1993   $555.00 
 Honda Accord 2.2   1994-1995   $655.00 

Honda Civic Used Engine

 Honda Civic 1.5   1988-1991   $555.00 
 Honda Civic 1.6   1988-1991   $555.00 
 Honda Civic / Del-Sol 1.5   1992-1995   $555.00 
 Honda Civic / Del-Sol 1.6   1992-1995   $655.00 
 Honda Civic 1.6 base   1996-2000   $655.00 
 Honda Civic 1.6 vtec   1996-2000   $955.00 
 Honda Civic 1.7 base   2001-2005   $799.00 
 Honda Civic 1.7 vtec   2001-2005   $995.00 
 Honda Civic-CRX 1.5 carb   1984-1987   $555.00 
 Honda Civic-CRX 1.5 fi   1985-1987   $550.00 

Honda CR-V Used Engine

 Honda CR-V 2.0   1997-1998   $1,050.00 
 Honda CR-V 2.0  1999-2001   $1,355.00 
 Honda CR-V 2.4   2002-2005   $1,655.00 

Honda NSX  Used Engine

 Honda NSX   1991-2004   $8,955.00 

 Honda Odyssey Used Engine

 Honda Odyssey 2.2   1995   $655.00 
 Honda Odyssey 2.2   1996-1997   $755.00 
 Honda Odyssey 2.3   1998   $1,255.00 
 Honda Odyssey 3.5   1999-2004   $1,355.00 

Honda Passport Used Engine

 Honda Passport 3.2   1996-1997   $1,455.00 
 Honda Passport 3.2   1998-2002   $2,155.00 

Honda Prelude Used Engine

 Honda Prelude 2.0 Carb   1988-1991   $455.00 
 Honda Prelude 2.0 FI   1988-1991   $955.00 
 Honda Prelude 2.05   1990-1991   $855.00 
 Honda Prelude 2.2   1997-2001   $1,855.00 
 Honda Prelude 2.3   1992-1995   $1,455.00 
 Honda Prelude VTEC 2.2   1992-1995   $1,655.00 

Honda S2000 Used Engine

 Honda S2000 2   2001-2005   $4,555.00 

Honda Timing Belt Tech Data and Replacement Intervals
Honda Timing Belt Tech Data and Replacement Intervals
Why Replace Your Timing Belt?

The purpose of a timing belt is to provide a quiet, flexible connection between the camshaft and crankshaft to keep the valves opening and closing in phase with the movement of the pistons.

NOTE: Timing belts are used in two types of engines designated "interference" and "non-interference". If the timing belt breaks on a non-interference design, there is enough clearance between the pistons and valves to prevent damaging contact. An interference design does not have sufficient clearance between those parts and engine damage would result from a broken timing belt. This list notes whether engine damage would result if the belt should break. For vehicles not listed, I recommend replacement at 60,000-mile intervals. Breakage is not the only reason to replace your timing belt. Looseness and wear will allow the timing belt to slip and change valve timing resulting in very poor performance, a no-start condition, or engine damage.

Honda Used Engines
Our used Honda engines are tested and cleaned
and are available for shipment to anywhere in the world.
Don't see what you need?  We probably have it.
Send us a
request or call us at (800)562-8811

Average mileage 10,000 per year

Shipping Cost? depends on weight, private homes cost more than a business address
East Coast $150//West Coast $200//Mid America $200


When I buy an engine, what comes with it?
As a rule, engines are complete assemblies including manifolds, oil pan, timing belts and covers, fuel injection or carburetor,
We Guarantee only the long block. The manifolds, oil pan, timing belts and covers, fuel injection or carburetor, are not.
Starters, and front accessories, such as air compressor, alternator, power steering pump are usually not included. If additional parts are requested, we will adjust the price accordingly.

Extended Warranty Program
Warranty Length Cost

Order Now

Gold 12 Months $145.95

Platinum 18 Months $199.95



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