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911 Porsche Turbo used engine.

1988 Porsche 930 used engine car had 88,000 miles. 
Never started the engine, it spins all the way around.
Comes complete with turbo. 
Was told that it ran, but never heard it.
Id#  68G00150

Sold As is

Porsche is ultimately famous for sports. Porsche cars are generally fast and good. Engine from Porsche is best suited for sports cars as well as normal cars. Porsche engines are technically advanced in many factors and took so many medications. Some of the Porsche cars best performed for sports are Porsche 911, Porsche 944, Porsche 914, Porsche 928. Porsche cars are stable with their suspensions, gear box and brakes even in hard conditions. Porsche has developed its technology in building its turbo engine which are extravagant. In Porsche 911 series it has water cooled flat six system and is boosted with twin turbo charges. An old Porsche doesn't have all these facilities but it is enough to compete with those features. Their new technology engine is concentrated in each and every system to reduce engine weight and they did it successfully. Multi linked chassis is introduced in Porsche for better performance. Porsche cars come with dynamic brake system with fade resistance and straight line stability

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